Ring Size Chart: How to Measure Ring Size

From time immemorial, jewelry has been used as a sign of beauty and class both for men and women. Remarkably popular among royalties and celebrities, a good piece of jewel can be as precious as it is rare. Despite their mind-blowing value, however, at some point in life, you’ll want to reward yourself or your loved one with one of these precious products. And for most people, a ring is the ultimate jewel!.

Unlike chains and earrings, a ring is a unique and invaluable jewel that you wear not just to look beautiful. It is a holistic item that speaks of your class and style. And if you’re contemplating getting one, there is nothing more euphoric than finding the perfect option.

how to measure ring size

So you’ve just cracked on a pretty ring while shopping online. Well, sounds impressive! However, the problem is that you don’t know if the size is right. It is important to know your ring size otherwise you will end up with the wrong one. Unlike other jewels, if your ring is off by even an 8th of an inch, it can prove to be too tight or too wide for your finger. While a tight one can cause unnecessary discomforts and a wide one slip off and get lost, it is vital now more than ever to know your precise ring size.

However, there is nothing easy with calculating your exact size. Whether you’re a lady or a gentleman the key to knowing about your ring size is the same: it’s all about the ‘finger trick’. Indeed, it is the only measure that determines the size of the ring. Finding your fingertip, you will find the circumference of the ring that will go perfectly to the latter.

Already lost? Well, don’t panic. In this comprehensive guide, we have rounded up the top five methods on how to measure your ring size.

With that said and perfectly understood, let’s get our fingers dirty and see the various technologies you can calculate your exact ring size.

Top Five Methods on how to Measure your Ring Size

how to measure ring size

1. Use a Ring You Already Have

If you’re reading this post, obviously you’re a jewelry lover and most probably already have a ring that fits perfectly. And considering that, the most reasonable technique to know your ring size is mapping the old one. Having worn the ring for years, this is a tried and tested method that guarantees to give you a precise size.

If you already have a ring that is right for you, and you’re used to wearing, you can use this ring to find your size, by following these steps:

  • Put the ring on a flat surface
  • Measure the diameter of the inner face of the ring as illustrated in the diagram below.
  • Put the diameter in the ring size chart and determine the size of your ring
how to measure ring size

Essential Precautionary Measures

  • For this, the ruler must join the inner left side and the inner right side of the ring
  • Be careful to capture the true diameter of the ring by measuring placing the ruler at the widest section and keeping it straight
  • For a more accurate measure use a flat and a metal ruler
  • If the diameter of the ring falls between two sizes, it is advisable to take the larger size

Measuring the diameter of your old ring is one of the simplest and inexpensive methods you will ever use to evaluate your ring size. However, while determining the widest section of a ring can be a confusing affair for most of us, this method is not 100% reliable. But if you still think that this technique is an idealist, remember to move a millimeter higher and keep the ruler staring. Additionally, if you’re not sure of readings, don’t hesitate to repeat the measurement several times!

2. Measure finger circumference

how to measure ring size

Although a critical and time-intensive endeavor that requires ultimate precision, measuring your ring size doesn’t have to be a frustrating task all the time. I mean, with simple basic tools like a string or floss, you can easily evaluate the size of your from home. Unlike the previous method, with this technique, everything you need is virtually available in your household.

So, even if you do not have a referencing ring at your disposal, you don’t have to worry! By using a string/floss, a pen, and a ruler, you can easily evaluate your exact ring size. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Wrap a non-stretchable string or 1-centimeter wide paper strip around your finger.
  • Mark where the string or paper intersect
  • Lay the paper/string on a flat surface
  • Measure the distance from the end of the string/paper and the marking. This distance corresponds to your fingertip.
  • Carry the measurement on the ring size match chart and determine the size of your ring
how to measure ring size

Important Aspects to Consider when using this Technique

  • If the fingertip value falls between two sizes, it is advisable to take the larger size.
  • The fingertip measure varies depending on the time of the day and the temperature of your finger. Because of this, it is recommended to take this measure towards the end of the day as it is when the temperature is highest and your finger warmest. Lower temperatures tend to shrink your finger which may give you a wrong reading ultimately picking the wrong size.

Fingertip measurement is an excellent way to evaluate your precise ring size. On top of that, this method is economical and easy to do. However, to make sure the picked size is the right one, do not hesitate to repeat this method several times.

You can use a tape measure in place of the string or paper, which will make the task easier because you will get your fingertip directly.

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3. Use a ring sizer

Remember the saying, man is to error? Well, everyone must have heard that! The above two methods are full of precautionary measures and you must follow each of them. Otherwise, you may end with the wrong reading which may prove misleading when choosing your ring size.

So, if you’re worried about making an error, purchasing a ring sizer is your best alternative. The virtual (or online) ring sizer is probably the most practical tool for determining ring size. It is an accurate tool designed for maximum effectiveness and convenience. In most jewelry sites, ring sizers are often offered for free to potential customers and would make an excellent avenue for you to accurately measure your size without spending a dime.

While there are dozens of options out there, all ring sizers follow one basic principle:

  • Purchasing or downloading the tool
  • Following the procedure on the user manual

Top Tip

To make sure you’ve got the right ring size, and that the printed sizer is the right format, do not hesitate to repeat it several times.

This method is simple and easy to do; however, it is reliable only if the printed virtual sizer is in the correct format.

Types of Ring Sizers

With the ever-increasing demand for rings, the current jewelry industry is loaded with different versions of ring sizers. For most shoppers, virtual ring sizers tend to make more sense because of their increased convenience and accessibility. However, that doesn’t mean other types are in any way less accurate when it comes to measuring your ring size.

In this section of our post we are going to show you two unique and effective types of ring sizers you probably never knew about:

 1. Adjustable paper ribbon ring sizer

In the same way as the tape measure, an adjustable ring is a measuring tool that wraps around the finger and is adjustable to fit the finger. The reading on the sizer corresponds directly to the ring size of your finger. This type of ring sizer exists in paper or plastic form. Just like the virtual sizer, this tool is free and is available on many online jewelers site.


Just like the virtual sizer, the adjustable paper ribbon is reliable only if it is printed in the right format. At the slightest bad setting of the print, the size of the ring will be wrong. It is therefore advisable to give keen attention to this level if you use this tool.

2. Adjustable plastic ring sizer

The principle of this sizer is the same as that presented in the previous method. The only difference lies in its cost. Indeed, this ring sizer is for sale on online sites and costs less than 5 dollars. It’s a small amount to spend to have a reliable and accurate tool to measure your fingertips.

The use of this sizer is the same as that of paper; except that there is no practical work to do (which facilitates much more the task). This is probably the best method to calculate your ring size because this ring sizer has several advantages:

  • A 100% reliable and precise measurement: no more naked eye comparisons, measurement or real size concerns of the virtual ringer.
  • With the plastic ring sizer, the measurements are already printed; you just have to rely on these measures
  • Ready to use: finished the practical work, the sizer is usable right away
  • Long-lasting use: unlike the virtual ring sizer, this tool is reusable. You can reuse it for the next steps or measure your friends’ fingertips

Key Tips when Measuring your Ring Size

Having understood that, measuring your ring size should be easy now. However, if you want to get accurate results always, there are several tips to consider. These include:

1. Temperature

As the surrounding temperatures change so does the size of your finger. I mean, fingers get larger in warm weather and shrink during cold weather. So to get an accurate reading and zero in on the right ring size that will neither feel too tight nor too loose, it is recommended to measure when the temperatures are highest. Usually, this is during afternoons or at the end of the day.

2. Design of the ring

Generally, wide rings-around six mm and above, require a bigger size for most individuals. To put this into perspective, larger designs offer more room under the band than their narrower counterparts. So if your ring size falls in the wider category, it is important to add a 0.25-0.5 allowance.

For instance, if you’re after a wider band design and your estimated ring size is 6mm, an idealist should range between 6.25mm and 6.5mm.

3. Anticipated finger

While all of your fingers may seem identical to the naked eye, in reality, they differ in size. I mean, generally, the fingers on your dominant hand are slightly bigger than those on the recessive hand. To avoid errors and home in on the right size, it is essential to measure the exact finger in which the ring will go.

4. Consider your knuckles

For some people, knuckles tend to be a little bit larger than the subsequent section of the finger. If this is the case, measure both parts and take an average of the readings. This should be your exact ring size as it will leave enough room to comfortably slide past the knuckle while still remaining secure at the base of your finger.

How to Determine Ring Size without Blowing your Cover

Unlike other jewels where size can be easily estimated with amazing accuracy, when it comes to rings, missing the size by even a quarter of a millimeter can result in an uncomfortably itching fit or an embarrassingly loose fit. From a rational thought, the most reasonable thing to do is to go straight for the jugular and ask her/him for the ring size. However, love and logic don’t make a very tasty puree.

I mean the beauty of a wedding proposal is best when it comes from the blues and timing is of the essence. As you present that stunning diamond ring and ask her that culminating question-“will you marry me?” nothing is more euphoric and emotional than watching her beautiful face fall apart in surprise while her eyes brighten with utter joy!

Essentially, if you want to make a marriage proposal that she can’t refuse, the trick is catching her off-guard. However, this is a tricky stunt to pull successfully more so if you don’t know her ring size. Fortunately for you, we got your back! Below are ingenious tricks that you can rely on to measure her/his ring size without blowing your cover. Have a look!

1. Recruit a friend

The good thing about love is that it thrives among friends. I mean, as love blossoms and you get to know your partner better, a magical orbit develops across friends from both sides and in no time, you’ll soon find yourself freely cracking jokes within her circle and even sharing personal issues with her closest pal. And if you want to know her exact ring size without blowing your cover, who could be more useful than someone who knows her better!

Whether her sister, best friend or her mom; the trick is choosing a confidant whom you can trust otherwise the news will reach her before you can even make the move. Additionally, it is essential for your “inside-person” not to raise any suspicions by asking direct questions as you may end up losing the element of surprise. Lastly, this is a top-secret mission and you should avoid sharing it with too many people.

2. Borrow from her jewelry collection

Another great technique of measuring ring size without your partner knowing is utilizing her vast jewel collection. As long as you have exclusive access to her jewel stash, this is a risk-free method and you stand slim chances of blowing the cover. Essentially the trick is picking an up to date ring which she currently wears. This means that you will have to observe her for a week or so and make sure that the ring you pick is a current option that she often wears.

After acquiring the ring from her collection, you can easily evaluate its size using a string and ruler as shown in our below:

  • Put the ring on a flat surface
  • Measure the diameter of the inner face of the ring as illustrated in the diagram below.
  • Put the diameter in the ring size chart and determine the size of your ring

For more insights, refer to the first method on how to measure ring size in the above guide. If you don’t have direct access to her jewels stash, just wait for her to remove it especially while in the bathroom or when sleeping. In this brief window, you can quickly trace measure her size by tracing the inner side of the ring on a paper. Additionally, you can also create a mold of the ring by pressing it on a bar of soap.

3. Employ your inborn creativity

Occasionally, creativity is all that it takes to get a job done. For most people, playing games is one of the best techniques for measuring her/his ring size without blowing the cover. This can include a whole lot of cunning tricks like coming with a game where you tie her fingers with a rope and challenging her to break free or measuring her fingers while she’s asleep. Creating a random questionnaire game where one of the queries is about her ring size is another creative technique for you.

4. Finger comparison technique

Although not universally recommended, comparing your partner’s fingers with yours can give you a rough estimate of her ring size. However, it is crucial to note that this is just an estimate and should only be employed only in desperate situations when the above two have failed.

The trick here is relating your partners’ fingers with yours especially while holding hands. With that, create a mental picture of her fingers geometry in relation to yours which you can later use to estimate the ring size. If you’re careful enough, this trick is fairly accurate.

Also, I must insist, if you hit the bull’s eye and home in on the exact size, remember to update your partner on the troubles you went through to know her exact ring size. Indeed it’s an effort worth credit!

We all love surprise gifts despite how small or insignificant they may seem. The sudden rush of feel-good hormones is incredibly overwhelming for both men and women. Using either of the techniques above, you can effectively measure your loved ones’ exact ring without blowing the cover.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

The size of a ring is the multiple of 10 of the size of the turn of your finger in mm. In other words, the size of a ring corresponds to its circumference in millimeters. For instance; if your finger size is 4.4 cm (or 44 millimeters), then the ring size is 4.4 x 10, or 44. However, before we go any further, you need to understand that not all countries use this system. France and other European countries use this system where the size of the ring is simply equal to its circumference. Other countries use a completely different size system.

If you are contemplating buying a ring on an online store, the sizes are generally shown in United States standards. However, for buyers located in other parts of the world, this international ring size conversion to chart would be an excellent utility tool for you.

International Ring Size Conversion for to Measure Ring Size

Ring Diameter (MM)USA/CanadaUnited KingdomFranceGermanyJapanSwitzerland
14.0 mm.3F441444
14.4 mm.G45¼14½6⅓
14.8 mm.446½157
15.2 mm.47¾15¼88
15.6 mm.54915¾9
16.0 mm.L50¾1610½10¾
16.5 mm.6M51½16½1212¾
16.9 mm.N52¾171314
17.3 mm.7O5417¼1415¼
17.7 mm.P55¼17¾1516½
18.2 mm.8Q56¾181617¾
18.6 mm.5818½1718½
19.0 mm.959¼191820
19.4 mm.60¾19½1921
19.8 mm.1061¾202021¾
20.2 mm.10½62¾20¼2222¾
20.6 mm.1164¼20¾2324
21.0 mm.11½66212425¾
21.4 mm.12Y67¼21¼2527½
21.8 mm.12½Z6821¾2628¾
22.2 mm.1369222729¼
22.6 mm.13½


Final Take

In summation, rings are holistic personal jewels ideal for both men and women. They are not only excellent beauty items but also invaluable assets used to commemorate special events such as weddings and engagement ceremonies.

So whether buying a ring for yourself or getting it as a gift to a loved one, it is important to find an option that fits perfectly. By following any of the 5 methods listed above, you can measure your exact ring size with incredible accuracy and precision. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt revisiting the tips and precautionary measures involved in each of the above techniques. After all, it doesn’t make sense spending your hard-earned cash on a ring that is too tight or loose!

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