How modern body armour works

The body armour is a body armour that is compulsory to be worn by employees on duty or during combat missions. It can dissipate the energy of a bullet, saving you from splinters in an explosion. Concealed flak jackets are also popular and are mostly worn for protection against pistol bullets and bladed weapons. The selection is based on protection classes, with each model being classified in its own category.

To understand how a bullet-proof waistcoat works, you need to know its construction. Such body protection stops a bullet, dampens and disperses its inertia, which prevents serious damage to human tissue. Depending on the protection requirements, body armour can be worn externally or concealed. A separate category is the conditionally concealed bullet-proof waistcoat. Let us discuss their construction and operating principle in more detail.

Body armour worn externally

Such models of body armor consist of a special fabric and hard plates that trap the shell and absorb its energy. The larger they are, the lower the impact force of the projectile during a shot. These flak jackets are worn over clothing and are secured with special buckles. The position of the straps is selected according to the person’s individual characteristics.

Peculiarities of external wear waistcoats:

  • A special fabric called Kevlar is used as a base. This backing has enormous tensile strength and is difficult to penetrate by a bullet. For reliable protection 5 to 24 layers of this fabric are used.
  • The energy of a bullet is dissipated by plates – metal, karmic or plastic. The first models are relatively seldom used because of their heavy weight. Modern plastics or ceramics are light enough to provide the same protection as steel. In addition, such flak jackets are easier to put on, they are easier to adjust, and they are comfortable to sit and move around in.

The body armour covers the chest, abdomen and, in some models, the groin. This combination of plates and fabric provides reliable protection against cold weapons, bullets and shrapnel. The body armor is divided into several protection classes and each type of armor is selected according to the requirements as prescribed by statute, regulations or institutional rules.

Concealed body armour

These waistcoats mainly cover the chest and abdomen. In selecting them, the most important requirement is that they should be inconspicuous under clothing; they must be lightweight and not hamper the wearer’s movements. The bulletproof vest can be worn under a shirt, jacket or uniform and will be worn on duty or during combat missions. The bulletproof vest is mainly made of kevlar-type cloth and comes in 1 or 2 protection classes.

A concealed carry waistcoat protects against the following weapons:

  • various modifications of bladed weapons with impact energy;
  • Pistol cartridges with 9õ18 mm bullets;
  • Class 2 body armour protects against 6.35 mm steel ball shrapnel.

Concealed carry waistcoats are selected according to the dimensions given in the model descriptions. If necessary, they can be worn over clothing, a special pouch is included.

It is very important to select the correct bulletproof vest according to the protection class. Any disregard of these rules may lead to fatal injury during combat operations. It is essential to choose body armour from trusted shops that guarantee the high quality of all products.

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