2021 Intimate Wedding Trends We Love

The Mini Trend!

Bring on the tiny vibes! We love all things mini. We’re seeing a trend on tiny cakes for guests as well as small bites and less formal displays on tables. As much as we love all the big details this trend has us swooning too. Giving guests personal tiny cakes and champagne is classy, chic and makes them feel special. Add in a little personality and you have details your loved ones will be talking about long after your wedding is over.

The mini trend is even spilling into the speeches where couples are taking a more casual take on traditional toasts. Yes, we know every now and then you get that one best man or maid of honor that kills it with the guests…but more often we know this isn’t the case. We love that couples are leaving these witty bursts of well wishes to those that want to publicly congratulate versus forcing a shy little sister to announce how she knew you guys were perfect for each other. We love when our couples forget about doing things the old school way in favor of what fits their day the best.

Mismatched Decor

Bring on the living room vibe. We love how couples are bringing in a vintage feel with lounge worthy furnishings, living room decor and cute pops of personality everywhere.

Another thing we are seeing and gushing for is the mismatched seating at the ceremony. Did you know you can rent vintage pieces of furniture just as easily as renting matching seating. Yes, it’s a thing and we love it!

Champagne Anyone?

Who says you have to have a big ceremony to bring on the champs? We love that popping the bubbly right after a stroll down the isle is becoming a hot new trend. Our 2021 couples are breaking all the rules to celebrate their vows and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Splurging On The Details!

Our couples are so over spending their budget on dry chicken and a rushed reception. They’re putting their dollars into the details that mean the most to them. Some of our favorite splurges include amazing styling for gowns and suits. Nothing feels more hi-end like the dress or suit of your dreams. We love seeing our couples with an extra pop of excitement of the styling of their dreams.

Increasing the time you have with your photo and video team and getting the heirloom products you’ll pass down for generations. You’ll always have your memories but few things are better than being able to relive them over and over with gorgeous photos and videos. We love seeing couples put extra funds and time into getting the best memories from their day.

Lastly, need we say more than Charcuterie?

Ok, what is better than a literal grazing table of unique small bites that is photo worthy and delicious. We love this trend so much because it can fit almost any budget and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. The other wonderful charcuterie (we even love the word) fact is that it can suit almost everyones dietary and taste preferences. It also pairs nicely with almost any refreshments you serve your guests.

We can get behind all these trends. They make your 2021 intimate ceremony or wedding just as unique as you and your love and we’re all about that!

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