Destination Wedding – Get Intimate

There are many ways that you can throw a beautiful wedding without all the stress you might endure planning a traditional wedding day. One of those ways is by having an intimate wedding. Contrary to how it was perceived in the past, intimate ceremonies have become very chic. They are a beautiful way to celebrate your union and can be cost-effective too. Here are some great reasons why it might be time for you to think about having an intimate wedding.

Fewer People = Fewer People to Please

With your intimate wedding, you don’t have to worry about what your distant Aunt Juliet will have to say about the décor. She won’t be there to see it! Most elopements are just the couple, their officiant and their photographer/videographer. Even when you choose to have a little celebration after, it’ll just be with those closest to you. You can just be yourself with no worries at all.

Splurge on The Things You Love Most

With an elopement, you’ll have the extra funds to splurge on those things that you love. Per head costs are often what gulp up the money in traditional weddings. When you elope, those costs are none existent.

Have you been thinking of a simple tropical wedding? You now have the funds. Have you been dreaming of high-end wedding pictures or that amazing dress that was just a little out of your original budget? You can get them now.

Make Your Wedding Destination Your Honeymoon Location

One of the other ways that couples save money is by getting married at a honeymoon destination. Most resorts will even offer you discounts and some excellent facilities if they learn you’re there for your wedding. You won’t have to spend money flying twice or have to pay for two different accommodations.

Find An “All Inclusive” Option for Your Downsized Wedding

As a couple, hearing the words all-inclusive is the next best thing since you got that bling on your left hand. An all-inclusive wedding venue, for example, is a gem. They’ll handle your catering, décor, photography, videography and more alongside being your wedding venue. This will save you a lot of research and the hassles involved with wedding planning. Finding an option like this for your downsized wedding would make things very stress-free for you. Ask us about our Florida wedding collections

The Beauty

One thing about an intimate wedding is that it is always beautiful. We’re yet to see one that looks mediocre. Although it is a budget-friendly alternative, the love and happiness on display are incredible. The couple involved often has a stress-free and beautiful day that they will never forget.

You Can Still Celebrate With Family

A popular trend we are seeing is the reception a few months after the ceremony. This gives you two events to look forward to and it includes everyone you want to celebrate with. A lot of couples will preview their wedding memories at their reception so guests get to share in the intimate ceremony at a later date. We love this trend so much!

Focus on What Really Matters

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your partner. Not many people get to say “I do” to the love of their lives. You have found the person you are ready to spend the rest of your life with, and that in itself is enough. You can sneak away for a romantic intimate wedding and have the best day of your lives. We certainly hope that you do. Best of luck!!!

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