Covid Wedding Season – The Silver Lining

Every couple looks forward to saying their vows in front of their loved ones. Some people have been looking forward to this amazing moment right from childhood! But this year, threw a clog in many wheels. Many couples watched as their plans for the biggest party of their lives was turned upside down.

Things may not be easy right now, but we love to look at the positive side of things over here. What’s the possible positive in this? Well, there’s a few ways to look at it that we want to share with you. COVID might have ruined all those big wedding plans, but it didn’t take away your chance to celebrate your love. You can have an elopement or an intimate ceremony.
Now a small celebration might not have been your first choice when it came to your Florida wedding. We understand that. We also know that this might mean having to take another long hard look at your guest list. But a small St. Pete wedding might surprise you. You could end up having a beautiful, fun, and memorable celebration. If you want to know why we think so, take a look below.

Before We Get to That

How to make cuts on the guest list is a serious issue many couples grapple with. That’s why we thought we should drop a few helpful tips on it before diving into other things. The best way we can think of this is to limit your list to two or three groups.
For example, it could be your immediate family and wedding party. There will be barely any friction when the categories are distinctive like that. It’s an easy way to drop your wedding list from hundreds to less than 50 in the blink of an eye. You can then invite all the rest to join your via livestream.

Less Stress

Once you’ve been able to tackle your guest list, your stress levels will drop. Smaller weddings mean a smaller number of decisions. You can also easily make changes to your ceremony. Want to go the DIY way? At least you’re sure you won’t be up till midnight for a week straight trying to make that work. All those brilliant creative ideas that you couldn’t achieve because of numbers before are now within reach.

Fewer Expenses

Most couples break the bank for their wedding. The costs can be unbelievable! Dealing with a guest count of 20 all the way down from 200 is sure to make your account manager heave a sigh of relief. You can put the extra money into anything else from your student loans to a down payment on a house. You could also use it to improve the quality of your wedding.

More Splurging Power

Everyone comes to weddings for the food. You now have the chance to go above and beyond with your food and drink choices. Declare an open bar and serve a seven-course meal if you want. The result will be an unforgettable celebration with those most important to you.

Less Drama

You don’t have to stay up at night wondering how to seat Aunt Emma away from Uncle John anymore. You might not even need a seating chart for your small wedding. Throw away those charts and the sticky notes you’ve been moving around to no avail. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is social distancing, and your venue would already have that covered.

Your Ceremony Will Be Memorable

Personal details are one of the ways that you can make your wedding memorable. There is no easier wedding to do that at than at a small wedding. You can choose to have a little chat with every single person at your wedding to welcome them. You’ll get a chance to hang out together, celebrate, and create meaningful memories.

A small wedding might not be how you envisioned your day, but it can still be intimate and unique. The experience will be different, but you’ll be thankful that you had a meaningful day that you spent doing what mattered. Whether you choose to wait for your big day or embrace the elopement trend, we wish you all the luck and happy planning!

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