Wedding Insurance: A must have for destination couples

 You’ve planned an amazing destination wedding. The venue is perfect, the plane tickets have been purchased and true to the Pinterest expert you’ve become all the details have been thoughtfully decided upon. You have meticulously picked and secured all the vendors that will make your day everything you’ve been dreaming of and more. I mean, what could go wrong?

Well, let me tell you…in most cases your wedding day will go off without a hitch (or maybe just a tiny snafu) and all will be right in the world of love and travel. Here’s the thing though, what if it doesn’t? What if that gorgeous destination location you chose is struck by disaster or you’re injured or sick? The wedding must be postponed and what happens then?  I know most couples wouldn’t even think past the possibility of rain on their big day and unfortunately that’s just not smart when you’re spending a small fortune on one of the most important days of your life.

Let’s just take a tiny hop on the history train and revisit a few examples where amazing places have been wreaked by mother nature. We all know she doesn’t give a damn about a coastline much less a wedding. So here’s some food for thought to hopefully persuade you to check out insuring your blissful day!   In 2004, Thailand had a HUGE tsunami that destroyed the coastline and left a ridiculous amount of devastation. Hawaii recently had volcanic activity that was massively destructive and the Florida coastline was hit by a CAT 4 Hurricane just last month.

Do you think some weddings were ruined or canceled because of this catastrophe? Yes, for sure! Do you think these couples recouped the money they spent? Truthfully, probably not.

So here’s the thing, when you book your wedding you choose your vendors and sign a bunch of contracts. At the same time you’re writing checks like you’re a Kardashian and checking of boxes on your wedding to do list. Each of your vendors is contractually held to keep your wedding date saved and the provide their services to you. In most cases though, they will have a clause that protects them if the ceremony is canceled or “an act of God” should occur. What this means is they aren’t responsible to provide you with a refund when the situation is out of their control and a wedding doesn’t proceed. I get that right now you’re thinking, that’s not fair. Think about it this way though, they saved your date (sometimes for a year or more) and were available to only you for your event. Assuming that they would refund you isn’t reasonable and certainly won’t happen in most cases.

So all the money you’ve paid the venue, the caterer, the photographer, your videographer, florist, baker and every other person on the list…is lost, gone and not coming back into your bank account even after the waterworks fly. Harsh, ya, a little. True? 100%.

This is why destination wedding couples NEED wedding insurance. I mean you likely have EVERYTHING else in your life insured. Wedding insurance will pay you back if your dreams fall apart due to illness or disaster. Even better is that it’s likely the cost of your Starbucks or Dunkin habits overall. I mean, isn’t it a little silly to not protect a day your spending more money on than some people make in a year, buy a car for or put down on a house? Say “yes”.

We’ve put together a short list of affordable coverage option for you to look though and hopefully choose from. It should be understood that while we HIGHLY recommend getting coverage we are not in any way endorsing any specific vendor. I mean, you could just hit up Google for a list and that would be just as awesome as the links provided below.   Regardless of what you decide we hope this article helped inform you and that you have the wedding day of your dreams!!

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